September 2018 Message from the East

Companions and Sir Knights!
This month we return to light after a summer full of fun and family activities, and also a great assortment of fraternal activities. As we begin our 2018-19 York Rite year we are delighted to welcome five new Companions/Sir Knights to our York Right Bodies, they having progressed through the advanced Degrees and Orders during the York Rite summer festivals. We still have one additional Candidate who was unable to attend the festivals, so over the next 5 months we will focus on arranging to confer the Chapter, Council, and Commandery Degrees/Orders. This will be a good opportunity for any Master Masons interested in advancing in the York Rite to join us. If you are interested feel free to contact either of us for a petition. You can find full information on these advanced degrees/orders at

We also begin the 2018-19 year with renewed enthusiasm. Our first order of business this September will be to provide an orientation for our new Companions and Sir Knights; discuss educational, leadership, and advancement opportunities for the year; and begin a systematic review of the lessons of our Degrees and Orders. As previously stated in the summer Trestle Board we have a goal of making participation in our stated communications, quality of our educational opportunities, and growth in our York Rite Bodies for this 2018-19 year even better than the past year.

As a reminder, the Grand York Rite Sessions will be held this year on September 6 – 8, 2018. These sessions will be held at the Colorado Springs Lodge at 1130 Panorama Drive in Colorado Springs. Complete information on these sessions is available at

Fraternal Thanks,
Larry Wilson, Excellent High Priest
Paul Stutzman, Thrice Illustrious Master and Eminent Commander