March 2019 – Master’s Message

Brethren of Fidelity 192,

Congratulations to our newly made Brother Ken Bennett on being accepted into our ancient and honorable fraternity. Special thanks for our degree team. Your work so far has been good. Let us keep it up! We have
2 Fellowcraft degrees coming up on March 7th, for brothers David Meis and Drake Young. Let us see to it to be well prepared to make this an impressionable experience for the brothers. For those who have not been
to a Fellowcraft degree in some time, we have made some changes as to how we perform this degree, and it is quite impressive for the candidates and the brethren. We hope you can attend.

On March 23rd we will be having our Grand Masters visit at the Rio which was the meeting hall for Freemasonry before the completion of our current Masonic Temple. Tickets can be purchased from Glenn Maxey, our lodge secretary, for $30. On April 24th we will be hosting the annual Public Schools Recognition Night. This has been a tradition for over 50 years as we get closer more details will be provided.The success of this largely depends on participation of our membership.

For brothers who have not been able to attend lodge for varies reasons, if you have any reports of sickness and distress ,please let us know that we may send our prayers and light to you and loved ones.

WB Matthew Shamburger