CMMRF Appeal Day

On March 6, 2018. The CMMRF Board of Trustees will hold its
second CMMRF Appeal Day. March 6 celebrates the date of the
chartering of CMMRF in Oklahoma on March 6, 1986
There will never be enough financial resources to fund all the research
opportumties. However, the Board is appealing to every Cryptic
Mason, wheresoever dispersed over the face of the earth to contribute
five dollars, ($5 .00), through his home Council to CMMRF in honor
of CMMRF Day. Your continued support is vital to our progress and
success. There is something in CMMRF for just about every mature
adult. are indeed is the individual whose life has not been touched
by a physical ailment under research by the Indiana Center for
Vascular Biology and Medicine. The Board encourages each Cryptic
Mason to actively promote and support this tremendous philanthropy.
Thank you for your continued support