Message – March 2015

Companions and Sir Knight’s,

Spring is on us. We will celebrate by having our next meeting two days into the new season – March 23 – in the York Rite Room at 7:30 PM. We will open the Commandery and examine of of the practices of the body. REPGC Mike Hessel planned on leading us in some exercises with the sword. Mike’s health issues will require him to do this at another time. We will move ahead though in our Commandery work. Our past several meetings have brought out some intense discussion of Your Rite Masonry and foundations. We will continue to provide an open learning forum this month also.

We will have only three more chances to meet before going dark for summer, and there is much ground to cover. We have an active petition to be voted on and decisions to be made about celebrating Easter, as well as voting on, electing and installing officers. What are your feelings about moving our May meeting (installation) away from Memorial Day weekend? If we move, when can we meet? How (and where) can we provide a celebratory dinner for our wives and friends to accompany the meeting? And…what happens after our break? Do we have a Table Chapter of Council in us for fellowship and recruitment? I can come up with questions all night, Companions. You need to find the answers. Consider it a game of “York Rite Where’s Waldo?” Come out March 23 and we will play the game together.

Fraternal Thanks For All You Do
Jon A. Wilkinson, MEPGHP
HP, DM, Commander