January 2019 – Master’s Message

Brothers of Fidelity Lodge #192,

I want to start off this year by thanking my Brothers for having elected me as your Worshipful Master for 2019. I want also to thank the Worshipful Brother Greg Beaumont and the officers of Fidelity Lodge for their hard work this past year to reestablish our line of officers and the direction of our lodge.

Our lodge, like any other, is a rough ashlar. We are not perfect, yet seek to perfect our lodge by perfecting the personal units within our lodge; to perfect ourselves is to make ourselves a worthy vessel of our mystic craft blessed by the omnipotent power of God. Let us be ever reminded of the name of our lodge: Fidelity; specifically, faithfulness to our Brothers and our cause by demonstrating continual loyalty and support. Do not forget where our loyalty should lie, with craft of Freemasonry and our Brothers, be it within our lodge, or anyplace outside. Let us not be fearful of declining numbers, but focus on the quality of the men we are to be bound to by stronger ties. We must always guard the West Gate for the sake of our lodge and the reputation of Freemasonry.

Be open to change this year, Brothers, whether it be my will or yours. My aim this year is to strengthen our brotherhood and comradery, to ignite a flame in our hearts and in the hearts of our candidates by the same light we all seek. Retention of members should be our first priority.

I look forward to sharing this Masonic year with you, my Brothers. This year cannot be successful without your support and participation. We have an Entered Apprentice degree coming up here soon for Mr. Ken Bennett, and some very interesting education planned for this year. I look forward to seeing our lodge grow through the coming years.

Your Worshipful Master, more especially your brother,
Matthew Shamburger