February 2019 – Master’s Message

Brothers of Fidelity Lodge #192,

We have a lot of work ahead of us in the next few months. We have an EA degree on February 7th and two Fellowcraft degrees on March 7th. Please show our advancing brethren the importance of the process of conferring these degrees
by being present at the degrees if possible. We owe or brothers that much.

We have a guest speaker doing a presentation for us on the 28th of February. The topic is morality. This man is known by several members of our fraternity, but he is not himself a Mason. This will tie into and be followed up with a brief overview of what esoteric means and who it applies to.

The focus this year will be education as we are taught that to obtain that state of Perfection, represented by the perfect ashlar, shall be through a virtuous education, our own endeavors, and the blessing of God. Only the first can we offer you in the lodge. The second two we hope to enrich though the first.

This year we will have one business meeting at the first stated communication of each month and education at the second. Pending there are no pressing matters concerning the lodge or its members. I look forward to seeing our lodge grow this year, not just in numbers.

WB Matthew Shamburger
Worshipful Master Fidelity Lodge #192