December 2018 – Master’s Message

Brothers of Fidelity Lodge #192,

Congratulations to Brothers Greg Golyanski and Gene French who were recently raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason! I would also like to thank the brothers who assisted with these degrees. In total, we performed 4 Master Mason degrees this year.

The table lodge on November 3rd went very well, with approximately 26 Masons attending. The 13 toasts were enjoyed by all, along with a very good dinner. Thanks to all who participated by writing and presenting toasts. Thanks also to Brother Jerry Hagar who presented on Madeira as it related to the fraternity. I hope that Fidelity Lodge will plan another table lodge in the future.

Our final meeting for this term is on December 13th. Committee reports are due. This written report is read aloud by the committee chairman during the meeting. If you need assistance with the report format, please contact our secretary, Brother Larry Moline, who can provide examples. Also that same night, we will have elections for the coming year’s principal officers, secretary, and treasurer. To be eligible for Worshipful Master, Senior Warden, or Junior Warden, you must be pre-certified. Please contact our district lecturer if you would like to be considered and have not yet become certified.

I want to thank the brothers of Fidelity Lodge for another fine year. I appreciate your support and assistance that I continually received throughout the year. This was a very enjoyable year for me as Master of the Lodge, and I’m proud of our achievements. Next year, we will see new faces in the officers’ chairs as some brothers move up or perform other duties. It’s important that we embrace changes in the lodge. New ideas keep things interesting and fresh. Progression through the line also helps to make better leaders as we build and expand our experience. Masonry truly is a never-ending learning process. Please be supportive of these brothers who are taking on new roles and responsibilities. Early in the year, we tend to make a few mistakes. That being said, let’s try to do the best work possible next year, improve ourselves as Masons, and continue with our successes from this year.

Fraternally yours,
Greg Beaumont,
Worshipful Master, Fidelity Lodge #192 (2018); Past Master (2016)